Add Life and Color with Throw Pillows


Even with nice furniture, a tapestry, a painting, and a mantelpiece, some living rooms still seem cold and sterile. If you want to add life and color to your sitting area, then throw in some throw pillows! Pick colors, pillow style, and design style, and you’ll be sitting pretty with fashionable pillows before you know it. Color says a lot in a room. There’s a whole philosophy behind choosing certain colors in certain places. Of [...] Read more »

Keep Memories Close with a Mantel


When you think of a classic American living room, what comes to mind? Often, there are sofas, a rug, and a brick fireplace with wood softly burning in the night, bringing the family together for s’mores and hot cocoa. But there’s also one central piece that every home needs: a mantel. On the mantel are photos of family and friends, accolades and accomplishments, a clock, and memories–lots of memories. So whether you already have a [...] Read more »

Three Steps to the Perfect Lounge Chair


When it comes to decorating your home with luxury, you can’t do much better than lounge chairs. Luxury and relaxation are in their name: lounge chairs. If you’re interested, read on; we’ll give you a few details about lounge chairs, and then we’ll give you tips on what to look for and how to make your home more luxurious. Lounge chairs are the epitome of relaxation. That’s probably why the French invented them, and not, [...] Read more »

Three Types of Gas Fireplaces

If you want to add a fireplace to your home, a great option is the gas fireplace. Most designs today are made to look like natural wood fireplaces, both with ceramic or fiberglass logs and with a flame and scent that remind you of natural wood burning. There are three types of gas fireplaces to consider: the direct vent, top vent, and vent-free models. Direct vent models have two vent pipes that lead directly outside. [...] Read more »

Tapestries–Classy Wall Decor

To make a luxurious addition to the wall decor in your home, consider purchasing a tapestry. They are an excellent choice for several reasons, but make sure you have the right measurements, compatibility, and color scheme when selecting the tapestry. You might also consider some popular French tapestry styles. Tapestries have a classy style that is reminiscent of feudal nobility from ages past. Few things can make your home remind you of a castle as [...] Read more »

Popular Styles of Paintings

If you want to improve the wall decor in your home, consider adding a painting. Paintings are always classy. Even better, they show you to be a clever and wise person with a healthy appreciation for the arts. Common art styles in paintings these days are impressionist, expressionist, and modernist styles. Impressionism began in the 19th century. You have probably heard of Claude Monet, who is a very popular impressionist (not to be confused with [...] Read more »